Product list

Solar Panel>
Solar Water Pump>
Solar Generation System>
LED Light>
Solar LED Street Light>
LED Working Light>
LED Public Lighting>
LED Tunnel Light>
LED Flood Light>
Solar Garden Light>
LED Rotating Beacons>
Accessories For Solar System>
String Inverter>
Centralized inverter>
Solar Pile Driver>
Electric Auto>
Central Control System>
Signal switching system >
Digital conference system >
Vehicle Collision Prevention System>
Dgital Audio System >
Multimedia Terminal>
Active Recorder>
Programmable System>
Medical Protective Equipment>
  In order to visit the old customers, in-depth understanding of market demand for the products of our company in the Philippines, ,Hanfa Group general manager Mr. Guo and technical experts were in the Philippines on March 14, 2016 to March 19 ,visited our customers in the Philippines , technical experts and customer exchanged experiences about the problems in the construction process and the solution was given, and helped customers to solve the problem, The customers were very satisfied with the technical support, gave a high evaluation about our company service, customers are looking forward to cooperate with Hanfa Group next time .