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  • MPPT Charge Controller
  • MPPT Charge Controller
  • MPPT Charge Controller
MPPT Charge Controller

----MPPT efficiency≥99.9% ----Charging efficiency up to 98% Ordering type MCV10,MCV15,MCV20,MCV30,MCV40 Features ⅠProfessional design to promote system relia

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----MPPT efficiency≥99.9%
----Charging efficiency up to 98%

Ordering type


ⅠProfessional design to promote system reliability

1.Using international well-know brand semiconductor device such as IR,TI,NXP and so on.
2.Using industrial DSP digital technology, without any adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift.
3.High LED driving and charging efficiency, significantly reduce the product temperature.
4.IP68 protection degree without any buttons, further improve the waterproof reliability.

Ⅱ.Maximum Power Point Tracker Technology

1.MPPT efficiency≥99.9%,System efficiency is up to 98%, Maximizes solar panel power output & reduces system costs.

Ⅲ.High charge efficiency

1.Charging efficiency up to 98%.

Ⅳ.Minimal stand-by power consumption

1.The current consumption ≤ 10mA after controller enters sleep mode.

Ⅴ.Intelligent battery management

1.It is three phase time charge battery, which contains MPPT charge, constant voltage charge and float charge.
2.Significantly extends the battery lifetime up to 50% base on intelligent temperature compensation charge and discharge management.
3.Intelligent energy management of battery ensures that the battery charge & discharge in shallow state which significantly extend the battery life.

Ⅵ.Flexible parameter set

1.Excellent man-machine interface, convenient operation.
2.Infrared wireless communications, connecting with a handheld remote control for easy installation.

Ⅶ.Protect function

1.Battery reverse connection protection.
2.The solar panel reverse connection protection.
3.To prevent the battery discharge to the solar panel .
4.Battery low voltage disconnects protection.
5.Battery reconnects voltage protection.
6.The output short circuit protection.

Efficiency Curve

MCV10 Efficiency Curve

                      12V Battery Efficiency Curve

                                                                           24V Battery Efficiency Curve

.MCV20 Efficiency Curve

                     12V Battery Efficiency Curve 

                     24V Battery Efficiency Curve 

Item Content Model Unit
Battery parameters System Voltage 12/24V ;Auto Recognition -
Max. charge current 10 15 20 30 40 A
Charge Voltage range 8~30 V
MPPT charge @25℃ ≤14.4(12V), ≤28.8(24V) V
Boost charge @25℃ 14.4(12V), 28.8(24V) V
Float charge@25℃ 13.8(12V), 27.6(24V) V
Deep discharge protection, Cut-off voltage@25℃ 10.8(12V), 21.6(24V) V
Reconnect Voltage@25℃ 11.8(12V), 23.6(24V) V
Battery Temperature Compensation -4mV/℃/2V -
Solar panel parameters Max Panel Voltage 50 100 150 V
Start Volage ≤50 ≤85 ≤135 V
MPPT Track Range 15≤Vp≤45(12V), 30≤Vp≤45(24V) 15≤Vp≤75(12V), 30≤Vp≤75(24V) 15≤Vp≤125(12V), 30≤Vp≤125(24V) V
Output parameters Output Current 10 20 20 30 A
Overload,Short Circuit Protection 105%~150% Times The Rated Current 10 Minutes 150%~200% Times The Rated Current 1 Minutes ≥200% Times The Rated Current 20 Millisecond -
Light Control Function Yes -
Time Control Function Yes -
System parameters ; Sistem Grounding Design Co Design -
MPPT efficiency ≥99.9% -
Max charge efficiency 98% 98.5% 96% 96% -
Consumption in sleep mode ≤18(12V), ≤10(24V) mA
Communication Infrared ;Wireless ;Communication RS232 -
History Data 1 year
Operating temp. -35~60
Operating Humidity 0~100% RH
Altitude 3000 m
Ingress protection IP68(1.5m,72h) IP30 -
Identification CE,ROSH -
Mechanical parameters Weight 0.35KG 1.2KG 2.8KG KG
Mechanical Dimensions 130*82*20 182*94*48 245*172*98 mm


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