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  • Active Recorder
KZNP6000PLUS Active Recorder

competitive recorded broadcast 1.With the function of directing and recording broadcasting; 2.Multiple excuses to meet different equipment needs; 3.Full hd H

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 competitive recorded broadcast

1.With the function of directing and recording broadcasting;
2.Multiple excuses to meet different equipment needs;
3.Full hd HDMI or SDI input, support 1080P 60FPS;
4.The collection format is mpeg2/25 frame /1080P, and the code rate is 5m-35mbps.
5.The proposed central control eliminates cumbersome management processes;
6.Stable and reliable streaming technology to avoid operational risks.

Model KZ-NP6000PLUS
System operating language Chinese/English
System Structure Embedded Linux Systems
Video Video Input Support 8-channel video input, 4-channel SDI input, 1-channel VGA, 3-channel HDMI
video output It supports no less than 4-channel video output, 2 HDMI (with audio output), and 1 VGA output interface.
1 SDI output interface, vga-out, hdmi-1, and sdi-out respectively output the recording and broadcasting guide interface,
HDMI-OUT-2 Output recording and broadcasting interface.
video display Single screen, picture in picture, 2/3/4/6 split screen display mode
Video standard Digital HD signal
Input the maximum frame rate 1080p@60fps
Input resolution 1920*1080p@60
Audio audio input Supports simultaneous input of at least 5 channels of audio (2 channels of mic-in and 3 channels of line-in)
audio output 4-channel audio output (line-out of 3-channel terminal + a 3.5mm headset listening for line-out interface)
audio coding AAC
The recording mode The sound is recorded synchronously with video
Image processing and storage Video output format MP4
Video encoding frame rate 1~30fps
Video bit rate 40kbps~40Mbps adjustable
Audio bit rate 8~420KB adjustable
data storage Built-in SATA hard disk, maximum support 3TB
communication interface RS485 interface Supports 2 sets of RS485 interface
RS232 interface Supports 2 sets of RS232 interface
RJ45 network interface 1 set 802.3ab 1000base-t gigabit network interface
USB interface Support 2 USB2.0 and 1 USB3.0 interface (mouse/usb flash drive/pilot console)
function A director function Video preview/live screen monitoring/video switch/pre-live screen monitoring/live screen multi-screen display /
Dual film directing mode/audio adjustment/screen segmentation/special effects/subtitles, OSD information, corner logo, etc
recorders Real-time push stream/synchronous recording/movie mode video/resource mode video/resource mode and movie mode work together /
Manual and automatic pilot/one button to open the push stream and video/dual pilot mode of the two film mode at the same time
software upgrading Support network upgrade, RS232 serial port upgrade
storage mode Support internal hard disk, external USB storage, NAS disk mapping;Support USB video export;
Support SAMBA Shared downloads;Support FTP download video, FTP upload video
Broadcast protocol Standard RTMP protocol, support RTSP real-time protocol flow, UDP multicast flow, TCP unicast flow
networking protocol Support TCP, UDP, RTMP, RTSP, RTP, NFS, FTP, DHCP protocol
weight&size weight 5.0KG Gross weight,5.5KG With the hard disk
size 445mm×280mm×90mm


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