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  • KZNP9000 Active Recorder
KZNP9000 Active Recorder

The System of Virtual pilot recording host is in line with the international and domestic hd standards, equipped with equipment with the best performance-to-p

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 The System of Virtual pilot recording host  is in line with the international and domestic hd standards, equipped with equipment with the best performance-to-price ratio, to meet the artistic performance, sports events, major events, news broadcast and live production.It has high operational reliability, perfect emergency plan and safe and fast emergency operation.

The product features

1. Four-channel full hd HDMI or SDI input, supporting 1080P 60Hz
2. Collection format: mpeg2/25m frame /1080P, code rate: 5m-35mbps
3. Scene special effects broadcasting and construction
4. 3d scrolling subtitles and dozens of 3d special effects
5. Professional curve color mixing function
6. Multiple video switching effects
7. Instant capture of wonderful moments
8. The frame animation
9. Live stream online
10. Top broadcast level color key picking function, showing the effect of hair and smoke
11. Multi-seat support
12. Simulation of rocker arm push, pull, roll and move 12 machine position positioning
13. Size :(length) 57.5x (depth) 20x (height) 37cm
14. Weight: 14.5kg



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