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  • Economic version of the central control host
Economic central control host

Adopting the new PDH synchronous number structure bus structure, it can realize WIF1 wireless network control, international popular full-chip SMT process and programmable logic array circuit, which can ensure faster running speed and more stable operatin

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The enhanced centralized control console is equipped with a high-performance 64-bit embedded processor with a processing speed of up to 512MH2. It uses a large-capacity storage FLASH (16M, expandable to 2568M), and provides a variety of programmable control interfaces, INNE, PHD synchronization. Digital transmission systems RS-232/422/485, IR, RELAY and other control methods to meet a variety of speed requirements.
The host adopts an open programmable control platform, user-friendly Chinese/English operation interface, interactive control structure, and more than 150 logic instructions to enable the system to process various control commands more quickly and stably. Built-in infrared learning device, with self-learning infrared file function, supporting programming software built-in infrared code library, integrated with most mainstream brand infrared device code files on the market, facilitating direct call and management of engineering control. With 8 programmable bi-directional feedback control buttons, it is convenient to complete the bidirectional control function to the external device of the host through this group of buttons. 
Product Features:
Open programmable control platform, user-friendly operation interface
Seamlessly connect with digital conferencing systems
In-line infrared remote learning function, no need to configure professional learner
8-channel infrared emitter for remote control of VCR, DVD, CD, MD player and projector
8-channel digital 1/0 control port and 8-way weak relay control port for controlling environmental devices, such as upper/lower projection screen, curtain opening/closing, projector high/low, light on/off, etc.
8-channel RS-232/422/485 control port for controlling video moments or plasma displays
Provide Chinese/English system setup operation and programming software
Custom scene storage and scene recall
Computer connection port usb, used to connect to the computer to set up, monitor and upload the control host
One way RJ-45 interface for remote control.


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