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  • Interactive cloud control host
Interactive cloud control host

The interactive programmable central control system host is a large-scale command center mainly promoted this year, and the large-scale conference room is equipped with central control equipment; it is suitable for solving various signal switching and fun

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 The interactive programmable central control system host is a large-scale command center mainly promoted this year, and the large-scale conference room is equipped with central control equipment; it is suitable for solving various signal switching and function control of various devices in today's modern command center and large-scale conference; through 1 GHZ High-speed processor, built-in 2G capacity DDR2 memory and 16G large-capacity flash memory, making system processing and access speed fast and stable, and ensuring proper upgrade in the later stage. 8-way bidirectional programmable RS-232/485 port, 8-way Infrared output control port, these practical and advanced configurations make the operation of large systems all under control
 ★ Adopting the new PDH synchronous number structure bus structure, it can realize WIFI wireless network control, international popular full-chip SMT process and programmable logic array circuit, which can ensure faster running speed and more stable operating system, with Android System touch screen, or IPAD supports WiFi wireless two-way control, supports distributed cross-network segment control, seamlessly interfaces with paperless conference system, iPhone®, iPad® and AndroidTM control applications support Longhao V2.0® cloud enterprise Management service support.
⊙ Non-PC architecture embedded system, no need to start the program and control the execution of the program;
⊙Using new industrial and 32-bit processors, quad-core Exynos8890 processor, processing speed up to 1.5GHz or more;
⊙The built-in 600MHz DSP co-processing chip helps the main processor to process large-capacity data, and the system operation is more reliable and stable;
⊙Using the latest programmable logic FPGA chip Stratix: emoji: 10, the internal self-built core computing mechanism, no embedded operating system, the performance is more stable;
⊙The built-in 2G capacity DDR2 memory and 16G large-capacity flash memory make the system access speed fast and stable, fully meeting the requirements of current or system upgrades;
⊙Inverter-based infrared learning function, covering infrared codes of all frequencies, excellent support for air conditioners and some extreme equipment that are difficult to learn;
⊙ Support seamless integration of CMMAW technology and CCSEB power management technology to enhance system operation stability, reduce energy consumption, and support environmental protection;
⊙ Support central control state control mode storage and recall, can store up to 32 central control modes; call mode supports extreme speed control;
⊙8 independent programmable infrared transmitting interface, supporting up to 128 infrared devices;
⊙ 8-way bidirectional programmable RS-232/422/485 control interface;
⊙8-channel custom digital I/0 control port, you can set the trigger mode arbitrarily;
⊙8-way weak current relay supports 5V/9V/12V/24V/1A control interface;
⊙2-way TCP/IP control bus, directly supporting Apple IPAD, IPHONE and Android platform handheld terminals (providing programming software) to support centralized management of large-scale networking;
⊙3 way KT-NET control bus; can connect 256 NET interface peripheral control devices;
⊙1 way USB control, suitable for any computer control;
⊙1 way independent computer control serial port;
⊙Open programmable control platform, user-friendly operation interface; fully support third-party equipment and control protocol, customers can set up various control protocols and codes, fully support the programming methods and engineering of most manufacturers in the market. Program to reduce on-site installation and debugging and programming difficulty;
⊙ Built-in monitoring module to detect various functional modules in the equipment, as well as monitor working status and working temperature, with real-time alarm function of abnormal status;
⊙ Support multi-code control, that is, one-key multiple codes (IR IR, RS-485 code, RS-232 code);
⊙ Supports various touch modes such as wireless touch screen, wired touch screen, USB, serial port, computer, network, wall panel, etc.
⊙ The front panel has system hardware and software reset function buttons and infrared direct recording function buttons, with infrared recording/transmitting/receiving/online/error LED status lights;
⊙ Support network control and online program updates;
⊙Applicable to new small and medium-sized conference rooms, conference halls and academic lecture halls;
⊙ High quality, high volume production, high compatibility and stability, and high cost performance;
⊙Using the international popular full-sMD (SMT) production process, the international universal power supply (110V-240V) is suitable for any region.



Quad-core Exynos 8890 processor

Processing speed


System memory


Program memory

16G Flash

COM port

8 DB9 male ports for bidirectional transmission of RS232, RS485 and RS422 signals

Infrared IR port

8 terminal modules, 16PIN output pin header

Input I/O port

8 terminal blocks, 9PIN output pin header, with protection circuit, support 0-5V digital input signal

Weak current relay port

8 terminals, 16PIN output pin header, normally open independent relay, rated 1A/30V AC/DC

Network expansion interface

2 RJ11 6PIN interfaces, support KT-NET control bus

KT-NET port

3 terminal modules, 4PIN pin header, support KT-NET control bus, provide DC24V/1A output power

Computer management port

2 DB9 female ports (rear panel), 1 infrared receiving window and 1 infrared recording button, 2 reset mode buttons (front panel)


AC100V - 240V adaptive power supply

Dimensions (MM)

482.6 (L) X 236 (W) X 89 (H)





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