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  • HF3125HV Centralized inverter
HF3125HV Centralized inverter

<1>High YieldAdvanced three-level technology, max. effiency up to 99%Effective cooling, full power operation at 50 ℃Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5<2> Easy O&MInte

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 <1>High Yield

Advanced three-level technology, max. effiency up to 99%

Effective cooling, full power operation at 50

Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5

<2> Easy O&M

Integrated current and voltage monitoring function for online analysis and fast trouble shooting

Modular design, easy for maintenance

Convenient external LCD

 <3>Saved Investment

Low transportation and installation cost due to 10-foot container design

DC 1500 V system, low system cost

Integrated LV auxiliary power supply

Night Static Var Generator (SVG) function

 <4>Grid Support

Compliance with standards: CE, IEC 62109

Low/High voltage ride through (L/HVRT)

Active & reactive power control and power ramp rate control


Input (DC)


Max. PV input voltage


Min. PV input voltage / Startup input voltage

875 V / 900 V

MPP voltage range for nominal power

875 1300 V

No. of independent MPP inputs


No. of DC inputs


Max. PV input current


PV array configuration

Negative grounding

Output (AC)


AC output power at PF=1

3594 kVA@ 25˚C / 3437 kVA@ 45˚C / 3125 kVA@ 50˚C

AC output power at PF=0.9

3235 kW@ 25˚C / 3093 kW@ 45˚C / 2813 kW@ 50˚C

Max. AC output current

3458 A

Nominal AC voltage

600 V

AC voltage range

540 - 660 V

Nominal grid frequency / Grid frequency range

50 Hz / 45 55 Hz, 60 Hz / 55 65 Hz


< 3 % (at nominal power)

DC current injection

< 0.5 % In

Power factor at nominal power / Adjustable power factor

> 0.99 / 0.8 leading 0.8 lagging

Feed-in phases / Connection phases

3 / 3



Max. efficiency / Euro. efficiency

99.0 % / 98.7 %

Protections & Functions


DC input protection

Load switch + fuse

AC output protection

Circuit breaker

Overvoltage protection

DC Type I + II / AC Type II

Grid monitoring / Ground fault monitoring

Yes / Yes

Insulation monitoring


Overheat protection


Night SVG function


General Data


Dimensions (W*H*D)

2991*2591*2438 mm


6.5 T

Isolation method


Degree of protection


Auxiliary power supply

415 Vac, 15 kVA

Operating ambient temperature range

-30 to 60 (> 50 derating)

Allowable relative humidity range (non-condensing)

0 95 %

Cooling method

Temperature controlled forced air cooling

Max. operating altitude

4000 m (> 2000 m derating)


Touch screen


Standard: RS485, Ethernet; Optional: optical fiber CE, IEC 62109



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