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  • HF2500HV-MV/3000HV-MV Centralized inverter
HF2500HV-MV/3000HV-MV Centralized inverter

<1>High YieldEfficient three-level topology, max. inverterefficiency up to 99 %1 or 2 MPPT, wide MPP voltage rangeFull power operation without derating at 50

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 <1>High Yield

Efficient three-level topology, max. inverterefficiency up to 99 %

1 or 2 MPPT, wide MPP voltage range

Full power operation without derating at 50

One inverter unit fails, the other unit continues operation

 <2> Easy O&M

Integrated zone current monitoring function for fast trouble shooting

Module design and front service, easy for maintenance

DC circuit breaker design for convenient maintenance

 <3>Saved Investment

DC 1500 V system, low system initial investment

20-foot container design, no need to build extra inverter house

Integrated MV transformer and LV auxiliary power supply

 <4>Grid Support

Compliance with standards: CE, IEC 62109

Low/High voltage ride through (L/HVRT)

Active & reactive power control and power ramp rate control


Input (DC)



Max. PV input voltage

1500 V

Min. PV input voltage / Startup input voltage

800 V / 840 V

900 V / 940 V

MPP voltage range for nominal power

800 1300 V

900 1300 V

No. of independent MPP inputs

1 or 2


No. of DC inputs

16 24


Max. PV input current

3508 A


Max. DC short-circuit current

4210 A


Output (AC)




Nominal AC power

2500 kW (at 50 ˚C)

3000 kW (at 50 ˚C)

Max. AC output at PF=1

2750 kW (at 45 ˚C)

3000 kW (at 50 ˚C)

Max. AC apparent power

2750 kVA (at 45 ˚C)

3000 kVA (at 50 ˚C)

Max. inverter output current

2886 A


AC voltage range

10 35 kV


Nominal grid frequency / Grid frequency

50 Hz / 45 55 Hz, 60 Hz / 55 65 Hz



< 3 % (at nominal power)


DC current injection

< 0.5 % In


Power factor at nominal power / Adjustable

> 0.99 / 0.8 leading 0.8 lagging


Feed-in phases / Connection phases

3 / 3






Inverter max. efficiency / Inverter Euro efficiency

99.0 % / 98.7 %






Transformer rated power

2500 kVA

3000 kVA

Transformer Max.power

2750 kVA

3000 kVA

LV / MV Voltage

0.55 kv / 10 35 kv

0.6 kV / 10 35 kV

Transformer Vector



Oil type

Mineral oil (PCB free),or degradable oil on request






DC reverse connection protection



DC input protection

Circuit breaker


Inverter output protection

Circuit breaker


AC output protection

Circuit breaker * / Load switch + fuse **


Overvoltage protection

DC Type II / AC Type II


Grid monitoring / Ground fault monitoring

Yes / Yes


Insulation monitoring



Overheat protection



Anti-PID function



General Data




Dimensions (W*H*D)

6058*2896*2438 mm



17 T


Degree of protection



Auxiliary power supply

220 Vac, 2 kVA / Optional: 380 Vac, up to 15 kVA


Operating ambient temperature range

-35 to 60 (> 50 derating)


Allowable relative humidity range (non-condensing)

0 95 %


Cooling method

Temperature controlled forced air cooling


Max. operating altitude

1000 m (standard) / > 1000 m (optional)



Touch screen



Standard: RS485, Ethernet; Optional: Optical fiber



CE, IEC 62109



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