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  • The Almighty audio processor
The Almighty audio processor

Multi-core processor, dual-speed upgrade of speed and function. Industry-leading A/D, D/A conversion performance, 48V phantom power. Extremely powerful DSP engine.

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★ Multi-core processor, dual-speed upgrade of speed and function. Industry-leading A/D, D/A conversion performance, 48V phantom power. Extremely powerful DSP engine. Stand out from more than 600 reliable DSP modules for maximum flexibility in design. With a multi-core DSP processor, the response is more rapid, especially to eliminate the occurrence of instantaneous howling. At the same time, it delivers a clear, immersive audio experience that makes vocal voice conferencing more efficient. In addition, The Almighty Series Meloarte V1.0 digital audio matrix can be easily integrated with its interactive ZIGBEE relay base station conference cloud control software, and compatibility features enable it to deliver higher performance. Controlled by TOUCH-50 wall panel, Meloarte V1.0 software, and third-party touch screen APP or ECCH-S PDH, high-resolution graphical OLED display configuration and audio levels. Digital Audio Processor Core Algorithm: Automix, Feedback Elimination Echo Cancellation, Noise Cancellation.
Core technical indicators:
The Almighty family of core algorithms: automatic mixing, feedback cancellation, echo cancellation, noise cancellation.
 Input: 8/12/16 line input
 Each channel supports Fantasy power supply: 48 V Dc, each circuit uses 6.8kOhm series resistors, 7.5mA per channel, software can select analog input gain: all inputs -20 to 64dB, increments of 0.5dB, can be adjusted by software.
Output: 8/12/16 line output
Support GIPO output sharing 8 interfaces to support interactive ZIGBEE relay base station remote control management, V1.0 software interface support Chinese / English, support RS232 / RS485 / GPIO / APP / wireless control. 
Support scene preset save 100> group
Ethernet control IP login software download Yes
USB multimedia storage Yes
RS232/RS485/GPIO Yes
feedback elimination Yes
echo cancellation Yes
quantized digits 24bit
sampling rate 48k
frequency response 20~20KHz
A/D dynamic range (A-weighting)


digital / analog dynamic range (A-weighting)


input to output dynamic range 114dB
total harmonic distortion + noise @1KHz

 <0.002% @4dBu

noise floor (A-weighting)



delay storage 2s
analog input to analog output system delay 3ms
input impedance (balanced)




output impedance (balanced)




 the maximum input level

+24dBu, balance

the maximum output level

+24dBu, balance

input common mode rejection, 60Hz 80dB
channel isolation, 1kHz 100dB
size (width x depth x height)


430 * 425 * 89
transport weight 4Kg
power consumption


power requirements 220V/50Hz1


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