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  • Multi-channel digital amplifier DX1000
Multi-channel digital amplifier DX1000

Power intelligent constant technology 1u body D digital power amplifier.

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★ Power intelligent constant technology 1u body D digital power amplifier.
When the power amplifier connection load is lower than the rated range, the output power intelligent control will not continue to increase, and it will be constant in a safe and reliable working range, so that the stability of the power amplifier is greatly improved.
Resonant soft switching technology
Designed for high-quality and high-demand professional power amplifiers, it is also called zero-voltage turn-on zero-voltage shutdown technology to eliminate the di/dt impact generated by conventional power switches.
High-density heat dissipation technology
The unique thermostatic intelligent temperature regulation circuit, coupled with the high-density aluminum radiator used in aviation, can easily lower the working temperature of the machine to the lowest level and ensure the high stability of the machine.
Tunnel type cold air cooling technology
The heat dissipation of the power amplifier module works in a tunnel state, which greatly improves the heat dissipation efficiency and stability.
Humanistic aesthetic design
This is a unique design that is completely refreshing. The entire front structure is a three-dimensional shape space, which gives a strong visual sense.
★Using a large voltage-resistant power bridge stack, coupled with the high-density aluminum grid radiator used in aviation, it is easy to ensure that the power is placed on the large dynamic, fine-level fine reduction, improving the load capacity and stability of the product.
The power amplifier circuit is optimized and improved on the traditional HIFI-class TD-type circuit. The medium-high frequency is naturally transparent, extremely rich, smart and elegant, and has excellent extensibility. It is a rare professional enthusiast circuit.
The IC adopts pure imported components with low noise and high sound reduction, and high precision resistors. The capacitor guarantees the delicate performance and zero drift of the circuit.
★ Number of channels: 2 channels 300W
8Ω 4Ω can be adjusted  
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz+0/-0.5dB

<0.05%@8Ω 1KHz

S/N ratio


Conversion rate 40V/μs
Damping coefficient


hannel isolation

>1000dB@8Ω 1KHz

Input impedance 20KΩ (balance)/10kΩ (unbalance)


Input sensitivity 1.0V
Protection function DC, short circuit, over heat, softstart
Control function Front Panel: power Switch/CH volume; Rear Panel: mode/low pass/grounding
Height 1U
Volume 0.012m3


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