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  • Interactive control center host
Interactive control center host

System input/output is fully networked; Superior processing capability;

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Maximum support for 64*64 channels;

Embedded acoustic feedback cancellation;

Embedded acoustic echo cancellation;

Embedded acoustic noise cancellation;

Embedded acoustic automatic gain;

Rich external control interface: RS232, RS485, GPIO, network port;

Standard USB: support recording, support for playing audio system; 
DSP processing Ti456MHz FLOPS DSP
Operating temperature 0-40 ° C
GPIO 8 input and output sharing
Digital/analog dynamic range (A-weighting)


RS232 1
Input to output dynamic range 108dB
RS485 1
Input impedance (balanced)



RJ45 control interface 1
Output impedance (balanced)




Dante interface 2 (main network port + backup network port)


Bottom noise (A-weighting)



Dante network delay


Delay storage 2s
Number of network channels 16 inputs + 16 outputs
System delay 3ms
Quantized digits 24bit
Input common mode rejection @60Hz 80dB
Sampling rate 48K
Channel isolation @1kHz


Delay storage 2s
Machine power consumption


Dimensions (width * depth * height)


483 * 260 * 44.5 (mm)


Working power supply AC110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


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