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  • Intelligent sound reinforcement
Intelligent sound reinforcement

Rapid deployment of sound reinforcement systems for mobile singing, outdoor gatherings, and indoor meetings

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Rapid deployment of sound reinforcement systems for mobile singing, outdoor gatherings, and indoor meetings

Sound reinforcement system without any connecting wires
4-channel multi-function mic/line/instrument channel audio input; 2 stereo line audio inputs
Support WIFI hotspot, can connect iPad to achieve audio parameter adjustment
Low speaker back panel with multi-function indicator parameter indication and parameter adjustment for full-featured audio parameter adjustment
Input channel with 8-stage pre-amplifier analog gain adjustment, remote control
With a monitor headphone port, it is convenient for the performers to sing
A variety of speaker playback modes, including mono mode, stereo mode, stereo sound system with dual sets of products, etc.

Fast scene save and recall, more convenient for multi-scenario applications of small bands 
8-channel full digital mixer, built-in DSP and effects, support for remote control of iPad via wifi

The cabinet comes with an OLED display for multi-function parameter adjustment; and a quick knob for common function adjustment

Frequency response: 45 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3 dB

Rated output power: 460 W (300 W + 2x 80 W) Class D

Protection method: limiter protection, thermal protection, overload protection

Input: 4 cassettes with large three-core multiplexing; 2 large three core ports, 2 RCA ports, dual device cascade input

Output: speaker output, fast cutting board, auxiliary output 1, auxiliary output 2/3 (simultaneous connection to the third core port, can be used for monitoring), dual device cascade output

Support expansion mode: DSP / POE / DANTE / AVB / WIFI

Support ECCH/RO expansion control - digital audio processor expansion

Stereo surround output: 1 pair of left and right channels


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