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  • Wireless pulse conference host
Wireless pulse conference host

The international standard wireless wireless pulse transmission technology adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum technology design has: strong confidentiality, long transmission distance, and has the characteristics of mobile phone / infrared / WIFI

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 1, ★ host adopts: international standard wireless wireless pulse transmission technology adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum technology design, with: strong confidentiality, long transmission distance, while with mobile phone / infrared / WIFI / strong anti-interference ability, etc. in aesthetics, acoustics Excellent performance and functionality The wireless pulse conference unit can be used for any type of conference and can be placed freely on the conference table without the need for cumbersome cable connections. There is no need to drill holes in the conference table, laying pipelines, pre-embedded boxes, and power supply. These have become the performance of outdated technology. No special training is required for the use of the equipment. The conference units are all made of metal, ensuring that the machine is stable, durable and designed for the built-in antenna. The ergonomically designed body is covered with a matt LED liquid crystal status display, making the conference unit easy to integrate with the surrounding environment.
2, wireless pulse anti-interference performance and concealment, more suitable for military communications applications. World-class high-end wireless communication technology solutions.
3, all units support unattended
4. The wireless pulse system is composed of the desktop gooseneck microphone transmitting host (including the microphone and the base) embedded receiving module scheduler, charger and encryption interface LHZN DPH and special software.


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