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  • Infrared Forehead Temperature Gun
Infrared Forehead Temperature Gun

Main Features* Imported temperature sensor from Germany, it can receive infrared ray released by human body in a short time, accurately and quickly collect mult

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Main Features

* Imported temperature sensor from Germany, it can receive infrared ray released by human body in a short time, accurately and quickly collect multiple temperature data and measure it in seconds.

* Turn on the backlight of the screen, you can easily see the measurements even in the dark and when your baby sleep.

* With large LCD screen and large Numbers, even the elderly with poor eyesight can easily read, more convenient to use.

* Quick temperature measurement with one key, no worry for the incoordination even for the active babies.

* One key conversion for multiple use. It can also measure the milk temperature, water temperature, room temperature, etc. Convenient and safe.

* High fever peaking alarm alert. When the temperature is more than 38 degrees, the thermometer beeps alarm, remind you get a fever, timely consult a doctor.

Measuring Method

Point the thermometer at the center of the forehead. There should be no hair, sweat, cap or other shielding on the measuring site. It should be 1-3cm away from the forehead.

Reference Value of Normal Body Temperature Provided by WHO

Forehead Tempweature 35.8-37.8 degree
Cochlea Temperature 35.8-38 degree
Axillary Temperature 34.7-37.3 degree
Oral Temperature 35.5-37.5 degree
Anus Temperature 36.6-38 degree

Name Infrared Forehead Temperature Gun
Memory Storage 32 measurements
Measuring Method Oscillometry
Display Screen LCD
Auto Power-off 15s
Power DC3V(two 1.5v <AAA>battery
Resolving power 0.1 degree


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