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  • Online interactive recording and broadcasting multimedia integrated machine

Online interactive recording and broadcasting multimedia integrated machine 1. Wall-mounted installation, made of acrylic, aluminum alloy and cold-rolled stee

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 Online interactive recording and broadcasting multimedia integrated machine

1. Wall-mounted installation, made of acrylic, aluminum alloy and cold-rolled steel plate
2. Built-in ops computer, network central control, recording and live broadcasting module, remote audio and video interaction module
10 "color display, booth, wireless microphone, card reader, electronic lock and fixed lock
3. High integration, integrated design, easy operation and easy maintenance

Equipped industrial grade OPS/IS/4G/128G or 250G SSD(Optional I5/I7)
central control system Support the linkage of the upper and lower classes with one key, which can define the linkage strategy of the upper and lower classes, and the interclass can be defined as turning off the projector or other equipment.Control panel with central control and recording and broadcasting control.With a 10-inch LCD screen, it can simultaneously record and play videos and online classroom pictures on real computers.Support cross - network remote centralized control function.
Digital display stand CMOS digital imaging chip, 5 million pixels, multi-resolution selection, transmission can reach more than 30 frames.Support USB2.0, 16 million color full color;Top super bright LED, natural light, brightness adjustable.Touch on.
microphone The microphone is a u-segment wireless microphone with automatic code matching function to ensure no distortion of speech within 10 meters and no interference between classrooms.
Video interactive module 6 MCU video interaction module (MCU) can be upgraded to 8 PM, Accu plane pickup microphone * 1 (can choose and buy again concatenated to a maximum of four groups of Accu plane pickup microphone), network communication specification: support for h. 323 protocol and SIP standard bandwidth, SIPTLS, manual setting, online 64 KBPS - 4 MBPS, RJ45 network hole (10/100/1000 MBPS), two-way interactive audio and video delay no more than one second, and keep the audio and video synchronization, computer vision selective synchronous transmission.
live and recorded broadcast module It adopts integrated hardware ARM + DSP design, non-industrial PC plus acquisition card mode, pure embedded system architecture, easy to use and maintenance, no need to connect the external computer can be in the local street mouse and monitor broadcast operation, completely get rid of PC.Support no less than 5 video input,SDI≥2channel,VGA≥1channel,HDMI≥2channel。
Supports simultaneous input of at least 5 audio channels (2mic-in + 3 line-in);4-channel audio (3-channel line-out + 1-channel 3.5mm local headset listening interface) output.Line-in and line-out adopt standard industrial self-terminal interface, and the monitoring interface shall adopt standard industrial-grade 3.5mm headset interface.
Storage interface: it supports no less than 3.0tb storage for a single hard disk. The maximum support is 3 sata interfaces, namely 9TB storage capacity. The factory standard allocation is 2TB.
Support remote directory and FTP remote download and delete video files.
product dimensions 1200×326×160mm
package dimensions 1330×360×200mm


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