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  • HDMI matrix
HDMI matrix

The host supports 8/16-channel all-digital HDMI signal input and 8/16-channel all-digital HDMI signal output.

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The host supports 8/16-channel all-digital HDMI signal input and 8/16-channel all-digital HDMI signal output.
 ★This product is a high-reliability intelligent device with power-off field protection function, LED operation guidance function, enhanced port electrostatic protection function, LCD liquid crystal synchronous display function, fault-tolerant technology in design, and high anti-interference ability. The communication interface circuit ensures the reliability of communication, has infrared remote control function and RS232 communication function, and the user can conveniently complete the signal switching during the demonstration process.
Powerful security permission control, which can realize keyboard lock, password setting and other related functions; special storage/call function for user operation; programmable user environment for user convenience; support operation prompt, optional buzzer Enable/disable state of the device;
Bandwidth up to 10.2Gbit/s (340MHz)
Built-in HDCP management, support DVI1.0, HDMI 1.3
 Built-in EDID and DDC management
★ Resolution up to 1080p, 1920*1200@60Hz, fully support HDTV Full support for DVI signal Extend the maximum input distance to 35 meters and extend the output distance to 15 meters
Synchronous transmission
Support high color (support XV color)
Support DOLBY digital HD audio, DTS-HD audio signal
2U height, rack-mount aluminum alloy case
Support wide power supply: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
9 presets with storage and undo functions
Compatible with a variety of commonly used power supplies, built-in an automatic conversion power supply, through the safety certification
Fast switching function, up to 200 nanoseconds
LED simultaneous display system and converted information bandwidth up to 10.2Gbit/s (340MHz) 

Video input


8/16 HDMI

Input interface

HDMI 1.3

Input level

T.M.D.S. 2.9V/3.3V

Input impedance


Video general parameters

Signal gain

0 dB

Video signal


Switching speed

200ns (Max.)


340 MHz (10.2 Gbit/s)

Resolution range

Up to 1920 x 1200 or 1080P@60Hz

Maximum pixel clock


Video output


8/16 HDMI

Output interface

HDMI 1.3

Output level

T.M.D.S. 2.9V/3.3V

Output impedance


control parameter

Frequency response

RS-232, 9-pin female D connector

Infrared control

optional infrared remote control

Serial pin definition

2-pin transmission, 3-pin reception, 5-pin grounding

Other control methods

Front panel function button with LED indication



Power supply

100VAC ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz

Working temperature

-20 ~ +70 °C


W483 x H87 x D320mm

Power consumption


Working environment

10% ~ 90%

Machine net weight




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