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Solar street light for sale

Specifications Solar street light system is a set of independent distributed power supply system. It is not subject to regional restriction and not affected by

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Solar street light system is a set of independent distributed power supply system. It is not subject to regional restriction and not affected by power installation location. Solar street light system also do not need to do excavation of the road to wiring buried pipe. Not needing power transmission and transformation system, the site construction and installation is very convenient to realize both environmental protection and energy saving. It also get better comprehensive economic benefit. It may get very convenient that adding the solar street light to divided road. Especially applying in the far away from the grid road lights, outdoor billboards, bus platform, the economic benefit may be more obvious.

Solar street lamps use single crystal or polycrystalline silicon solar module to generate electrical energy, solar battery to store electrical energy and efficient LED lamp to lighting. The solar street light adopts advanced intelligent charge and discharge controller which has the reliable properties, high luminous efficiency and high brightness. The using of dc power supply is safe ,reliable, energy saving, economical and practical and long service life. It has easy installation,without laying cable wire, no need for ac electric energy and electricity,saving national energy.

1. LED light source (LED street light)
Company established long-term strategic cooperative relations with the United States CREE and the Pauray, Epistar, Addison, ultra-high brightness stable quality LED chip, luminous efficiency 120 lm/W, color rendering index > 80, lamps and lanterns light efficiency > 90%, Lumen depreciation<10%, the working life > 50000 hours, the working temperature is -35℃~50℃.
LED power supply using military components with high efficiency, stable quality, long life characteristics.
The products approved CE/ROSH/FCC certification.
2. Solar photovoltaic panels:
1.Solar photovoltaic panels on the actual power for 15-300Wp,
2. panels efficiency more than 17%,
3. 12 years the output power no less than 90% ,
4. 25 years power output no less than 80%.
5. Resistance to 25 mm diameter under the hail impact the speed ≤ 25 meters
6. wind load test ≤2400pa
7. snow load test≤ 5400pa,
8. wind strength of 113 pounds per square foot, positive on the back of the 50 pounds per square inch.
3.The solar dedicated free maintenance batteries:
(1) good safety performance : there is no electrolyte leakage under normal use, no battery swell and burst.
(2) good discharge performance : stable discharge voltage, discharge platform smoothly.
(3) good seismic resistance: the fully charged state of the battery is completely fixed, 4mm of the amplitude , 16.7 HZ frequency vibration for 1 hour, no leakage, no battery swell or burst, open circuit voltage is normal. Capacity maintain rate more than 95% .
(4) : good over discharge esistance: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of constant resistance discharge batteries 3 weeks (the resistance equal 1ca discharge resistance requirements of the battery), restoring capacity amount in more than 75%.
(5) : good resistance to charging 25 degrees Celsius, the fully charged state of battery charge 0.1 CA 48 hours, no leakage, no battery swell or burst, open circuit voltage is normal, capacity to maintain rate more than 95%.
(6) : good resistance to high current:completely discharge the battery charging status 2ca 5 minutes or 10ca discharge for five (5) seconds. No conductive part fuse, no deformation.
Positive and negative extreme seal in battery shell, waterproof effect, lead to the power cord is 2.0 m, quality guarantee for 3 years. In order to increase the solar battery service life, increases a heat preservation water tank to the solar battery
4.solar street lamp intelligent controller
light-operated and time control (light open, when time close), 12 system, power consumption < 10 ma (no load), photovoltaic power control using current limiting power control. Enjoy the protection functions of anti-anti-charge, prevent overcharge, prevent discharge, prevent short circuit, lightning protection, waterproof and temperature compensation, quality guarantee for 3 years.
5. light pole,
Light pole is made of Q235 steel after hot dip galvanizing, surface coating processing. Wall thickness of 3.5 mm, flange and light pole joint reinforcement. Rod body was more than 10, IP65 protection grade, more than 20 years service life.


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