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  • automatic emergency brake system
QN-M3 Series

Working principle: In the process of the car, Monitoring system will constantly detect distance from the vehicle or obstacle in front of you by millimeter wave

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 Working principle:
In the process of the car, Monitoring system will constantly detect distance from the vehicle or obstacle in front of you by millimeter wave (main)/laser (deputy) sensors , according to the risk level to automatic alarm to remind the driver, and according to the default of the speed, relative velocity, the space between the data, according to the established mathematical model to calculate the default of whether belong to the safe state, if the space between is less than the safe distance, warning system immediately, at the same time, the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder from real voice remind drivers take measures (the first - stage).If the driver does not take measures, the brake actuator will perform the degassing and braking action (the second stage) according to the frequency signal sent by the main controller.If the danger has not been removed, the system will continue to vent the air brake until the danger is removed, so as to minimize the occurrence of rear-end collision and reduce the degree of human and vehicle injuries (stage 3).

● Anti-collision warning function
●Active brake function
● Reverse anti-collision function
● Lane departure warning function
●Distance monitoring function
●Car slip collision warning function
● Front car start reminder function
●Vehicle real-time monitoring and positioning function
●Traffic recording function
●Overspeed warning function
● Fault warning function
● Automatic mask recovery function

1. Strong adaptability to the environment

Not affected by any weather, day and night, cloudy days, rainy days can work normally.

2.Automatic braking mode

(large vehicle) independent pneumatic brake mechanism, according to different conditions of brake exhaust;(car) independent wire brake mechanism, do not affect the original car brake performance, do not change the original car structure.

3.Unique early warning mode

The system has built-in alarm, which can display subtitles and sound alerts (or live voice alerts) when the system is in early warning and braking.

4.Intelligent data storage

The system internal cursing memory and camera can store real-time working status and driving condition information of the system.

5.Roads are adaptable

Suitable for all levels of highway.Can adapt to mud sweat, water and other slippery road

6.Easy operation

Starting up can work normally, without any other operation.

7.High-end customization, late can be added

Excellent scientific research technology, can according to customer demand functions, such as: cruise control system, image system, blind area 360 remind, lane departure warning system, car monitor, sneak vehicle collision warning, launch vehicles to remind, vehicle collision warning system, against drunk driving and fatigue driving system real-time monitoring, vehicle positioning and tire explosion-proof reminder system and other technical requirements.

8.Applicable to all models

Whether it's automatic or manual

standard configuration
Millimeter wave/lidar 1set
Side warning radar 4pcs
Behavior recognition apparatus 1set
In-car monitor 1set
Lane departure recorder 1set
Adjustable alarm 1set
master controller 1set
executive device 1set
Rear ultrasonic radar 4pcs


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